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Better tools means better prospects. Watch our video to learn more about what Elite Vr Tours can offer your business now. 
Converting a Prospect into a Sale is our Goal.
We create custom solutions for converting a prospect into a sale. Our goal is your goal. Better tools means better prospects. Let us create a custom solution for you to help empower your sales team to have the best results. We currently focus on VR as our main traffic driving platform, coupled with our new Client Branded Sales Portal. We can ensure successful marketing campaigns, which means more prospects and better conversions.

Matterport 4k VR

We study the media market to provide the most cutting edge tools.

Custom Sales Website

Our goal is traffic creation not hassle. Let’s get the right tools into your team’s hands.

Analytics & Tracking

Let’s help you prove results that matter to your clients.

Free VR Scan for New Clients

Let one of our specialists get in contact with you today to create a custom plan of action. We guarantee results and to prove it, the first VR Scan (up to 1000 sq.ft.) is free. Use it as a test for any property you choose!

9 + 5 =

Targeting out of State

People are moving across state lines daily. Your frontline impact needs to be enough to get them in the door. We create a virtual experience that can be instantly shared.

The Future is VR

We are heading towards a new paradigm in media immersion. Everything is available at anyone’s finger tips at any given moment. Those who understand this have adopted to a full online presence. Real-Estate now has the ability to do the same. Don’t be left behind by the competition.


Higher Occupancy Rates


Inventory Growth

Examples of 4k VR

Take a look at the final product of our Matterport 4k VR Technology. See the actual results these presentations have brought our clients.

The York - Shea Apartments

Shea Properties newest luxury multi-unit building, located in the heart of downtown next to the beloved City Park. This location was the first for Shea in the area so they elected to scan every single floor plan and employ an out of state targeting campaign. They have since been able to share over 30,000 tours and remain at over 94% occupancy for 2 years. Stabilized property in 300 days! Shea Properties now sets the standard.

The Quincy - Shea Apartments

Elite VR helped to stablize Shea Apartments Flagship Property in under 200 Days! At the heart of the Mile High City, The Quincy’s glass-sided sky pool offers the cityscape an iconic wow factor—eight stories into the sky. Residents of this landmark property, situated in Denver’s Central Business District. Revel in the luxury of artful studio, one-, and two-bedroom apartment homes and penthouse residences.

ReMax Sedona

ReMax Sedona specializes in working with out of state clients on all their listings, so going VR was essential for giving them competitive advantage in the market. Having now sold several homes at site unseen, just from the VR Tour alone, they now work with Elite VR on every listing they get. This property Showcases what proper Marketing and VR tours can offer for clients at the highest caliber. 

Video alone not enough? Looking for a custom solution? Take a look at our hybrid VR / Video tour.

Sometimes there’s more to tell about your business. That’s why we offer the hybrid experience. This automated process can save you hundreds of hours in tour time. Simply setup your Hybrid VR Tour to cover all the baseline selling points that you would with someone in person. Try the demo below!
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Meet our Team

With diverse background in media, real-estate, brokerage and marketing. Our team combines all the best forces to deliver solid results and dependable consulting to get you the sale.
James Michael Lang

James Michael Lang

CEO & Founder

Alex Everett

Alex Everett

V.P. Sales & Operations

Blake Vadasy

Blake Vadasy

Arizona Tech

Hear from our Satisfied Clients

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Janet Renolds

“Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore.  When an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book.”
Sara Blankenship